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The Birds and the Boys Play One for All the Marbles

As another Eagle blogger put it, "this one is going to be epic."

The Eagles travel to Dallas to play the Cowboys in a game that could mean the difference between a smooth, straight path to the NFC Championship game or a rough and rocky road rather not traveled. Simply put, if the Birds beat the Boys on Sunday, they would win the NFC East, but more importantly secure a first round bye in the playoffs and host the divisional round playoff game in Lincoln Financial Field which would put them one game away from going to their sixth conference championship game in 10 years.

If they should lose, they would most likely be back in Dallas next week to play the Cowboys in a wildcard round game.

With this much on the line, this game could be one of the biggest regular season games the Eagles will play in recent memory. With the sudden collapse of the Vikings and some serious cracks in the Saint's armor, the stars are aligning themselves for another legitimate shot at winning that oh so elusive Super Bowl Championship. To think that the much hated Cowboys stand in the way of this dream, makes me hate them even more.

I have analyzed this game on paper and there is no way that the Eagles should lose. I know that sounds like a completely homer call but let's look at some facts. Philly has a much more explosive offense, they have the ability to stop the run, and most importantly they have Tony Romo's number. He have shown the propensity to collapse under pressure, he has never won a big game and right now this is as big as it gets, and most importantly he has played some of his worst football against our beloved Birds.

I could post some numbers to back all of this up but that really doesn't matter as it all comes down to which team executes the best this Sunday afternoon in Big D. I just hope that once the 4th quarter rolls around and it is clear that Dallas has lost another big game in December, they show Jerry Jones' utter look of disgust as he realizes that even a billion dollar stadium cannot buy you a championship.


NFC always brings new exposure in play fields however, CowBoys seems thrilling comparing to others. Since the games on rough roads have their own taste, we really can't forget the amazing adventure there as well. In turn, we have a taste of betting in both places either on roads or in CowBoys plays.

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NFC always brings new exposure in play fields however

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