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What to do at Offensive Tackle?

If you haven't noticed the "Depth Chart" listed on the has officially been renamed the "Unofficial Depth Chart."  Officially proclaimed unofficial.  Not surprising considering the scrutiny the chart receives on a daily basis from bloggers, more bloggers, and actual print journalists. Long story short, Todd Herremans is listed as your starting left tackle.  

For now. 

A Bob Brookover article in today's Inquirer reports that the Birds have visits scheduled with Virginia tackle Eugene Monroe and shamed Alabama tackle Andre Smith.  Monroe is likely a top-tenner, while Smith, once a consensus top-fiver, is likely headed to the tens to mid-teens.

Sure Smith has massive bitch tits and acted like a brainless child at the combine, but such idiosyncrasies don't concern me.  I wrote this back in October for my old site:

Andre Smith - Left Tackle - Alabama - 6′4″ 340
Playboy preseason All-American Andre Smith is the apple of my eye. Smith walked into Alabama as a freshman and has started at the left tackle position from day one. What also should be mentioned is Smith also dominated from day one as well. As a freshman Smith led the team in knockdown blocks (62) but struggled with conditioning as his weight teetered over the 360 pound mark.Smith dropped 30 pounds in an intense offseason conditioning program and a breakout sophomore campaign followed in 2007. Smith absolutely dominated the best conference in college football. Smith's 2007 honor's include:
Co-winner of the SEC's Jacobs Blocking Trophy
2007 Coaches First-Team All-SEC selection
Year-to-date 2008, Smith continues to dominate, and is a major reason Alabama RB Glen Coffee is averaging 7.5 yards per carry for the Tide. Smithhas also been added to 2008 Outland Trophy Watch List (Best lineman in college football) and the 2008 Rotary Lombardi Award Watch List (Top lineman in the Football Bowl Subdivision).

I've always liked Smith because he reminds me a lot of Shawn Andrews sans the Sponge Bob affectation and the depression issues. Enormous and athletic,Smith is an absolutely dominant run blocker. With a handle on past weight issues, Smith should be able to be a competent pass blocker in the NFL as he develops his technique. It has been documented that Smith has a definite mean streak when he steps between the lines. Smith is a Junior who could stay at Alabama if he feels the squad is on the cusp of a national championship. However, as a projected first round pick, Smith will likely test the draft waters come April. Until then, I will likely continue my passionate love affair with the big guy.

With those tits, it's no wonder why he was a Playboy preseason All-American.  Smith went on to win the Outland Trophy given to the best down lineman in college football as well as the Jacobs Blocking trophy (again).  He was also named as a first team All-American, and a first team All-SEC selection (for the third time in three years). The-Scream--C10005915.jpeg
The only worry I have with Smith is that he's such a natural talent that he hasn't had to work for it up to this point.  I mean, look at that picture, his tits and belly button look like Edvard Munch's "The Scream."  His rack is straight up Winston Justice-ish. 

I personally like Andre Smith better than Eugene Monroe (too many knee issues), Jason Smith (too many question marks - only 19 starts at LT), and Michael Oher (tiny brain).  This opinion is based on straight performance evaluation - I have watched a ton of Alabama football over the past few years because OF Andre Smith - because I enjoy watching the guy absolutely destroy his opponents.  As long as Smith's interview doesn't resemble Tommy Boy pitching Callahan brake pads (Andy Reid actually owns a 1928 Ford Model A - which resembles the car Farley lights on fire), I'd welcome any deal to move up and take the guy in the first round.  All aboard the Andre Smith express.  


I agree. I would love to see Smith play for the Eagles. I'm kind of glad he had a meltdown at the combine and the Alabama pro day - he may slip far enough where the Eagles won't have to give up too much to get him. I don't care what happened at the combine because this guy is one of the best linemen the SEC has ever produced. I'd much rather have Smith (or Monroe) than the guy from UConn or the guy from Arizona. If the Birds don't make a move for Boldin or Edwards, the perfect first round to me would be giving up #28 plus whatever else it would take to get Smith, then taking McCoy or Moreno at 21.

Bottom line is Smith can play at a high level. I'm more worried about some of the other top-tier lineman for various reasons (as Dave listed). I'm not 100% sold on the lineman from UConn, but I actually like the kid from Arizona. He seems to have good feet, size, and intelligence. If the Birds stay put, I would be happy with a back or Pettigrew at 21, with the Arizona lineman at 28.

If you go by the reports, McCoy appears to have zero shot at being a first round pick by any team. Maybe I'm too willing to look past his "measurables", but I'm a believer in going with what the tape tells you.

I like Beatty and Britton but only at #28.

I'd take McCoy at #21 in a heartbeat. Moreno too, I think he's gone by the time the Birds pick though.

I don't catch as much Comcast stuff during football season as used to, but I really like Greg Cosell's work. He's great at tape breakdown and is pretty good at evaluating player's (it doesn't hurt when you have a key to NFL Films). Anyway, he has a very interesting breakdown of the backs here:

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